Our organisation has a purpose we’re continuously striving for, and a set of values we operate within. We have infinite possibility ahead of us but we have finite time, people, resources and money. We can see a hundred paths from here stretching out to the horizon, all potentially leading us…

Of all the things you can do for your team, the one-on-one catchup is the most important. Bin all your other meetings, but keep these ones!

In this article, I’ll cover why we do catchups, present a template for running your own catchups with some sample questions, and give some…

Talking with other leaders, I often find a confusion about what “diversity” in hiring means and why it’s worth caring about.

This is my attempt to explain what I’ve learned.

What does diversity mean, in this context?

Diversity is sometimes used as a keyword for “equal numbers of women and men”, but that’s a very narrow definition…

You’ve been coding for a few years now.

You feel competent at your preferred languages. You’re not making too many silly mistakes, and although you’re learning a bit every now and then from articles you read and teammates, you’re not feeling the passion for coding that you once did.


Junior Developer. Senior Engineer.

It’s funny that we use these terms, usually reserved for age, to refer to the level of responsibility and pay given to a software developer.

But clearly, age isn’t what we’re measuring. There are 24-year-olds who have packed in enough experience to be classified as “senior”…

In Wellington, New Zealand, the majority of developer salaries I’ve seen range from $50,000 to $140,000. It’s a huge range, and humans—also known as management—make the decision about how much they’re going to pay you solely based upon spending an hour or two with you.

Salary isn’t the only thing…

Roger Nesbitt

Leading technology teams

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